В России появятся «ядерные» монеты

Image: Central Bank

The Central Bank announced the upcoming release of three types of commemorative silver coins. This is stated in the message on the website of the regulator.

In circulation the money will appear from 1 August. We are talking about coins in denominations of one ruble, dedicated connections and military parts of the nuclear provision, and circulation every five thousand pieces.

«On the reverse side of the same coin is the emblem of formations and military units of nuclear security, the second of the coin — image of a strategic bomber, mobile missile system, nuclear-powered missile submarine and the stylized orbits of electrons», — stated in the message of the Central Bank. The third coin depicts the shoulder sleeve insignia of the 12th main Directorate of the defense Ministry, which is responsible for nuclear safety.

The Central Bank regularly produces commemorative coins dedicated to the Russian armed forces. Among them is the ruble, minted in honour of the surface forces, as well as infantry, tank, space, and airborne troops.

In 2018, the Central Bank launched into circulation a commemorative coin dedicated to Vladimir Vysotsky. On the reverse side of the silver coin on the background of silhouettes of horses are depicted Vysotsky with a guitar on his left sword, right — years of life: 1938-1980. At the top of the circle is the inscription «Vladimir Vysotsky».


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