A boy with a leech in the throat ten days coughing up blood and survived

Photo: AsiaWire

In the throat of the boy from the Chinese Guizhou province more than a week, there lived a leech. This publication reports the Daily Mirror.

The parents noticed that the child often cough, sometimes the cough is accompanied by bleeding. Despite this, they took him to the doctor only ten days later.

Local experts are unable to help the boy, so he was transferred to children’s hospital in the provincial capital of Guiyang. Bronchoscopy revealed that the trachea of the child dwelt a living parasite.

«He was out of his windpipe, then climbed back, — says the doctor. We immediately thought that it’s a leech». The worm was able to extract with forceps. Its length was about eight inches.

A leech could get in the throat when the child drank from a mountain stream. According to father, during summer vacation, the boy was playing in the mountains and often drank water from rivers and streams.

In July it was reported that in the Chinese province of Guizhou, the doctor discovered in the throat of the patient a living leech. The patient admitted that he had a habit of drinking untreated water, as well as working on the farm.


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