Одна деталь на фото раскрыла обман блогерши

Photo: @tupisaravia

Subscribers blogery named Tupi Saravia (Saravia Tupi) accused her of editing a photo in Instagram. Several photographs of the girl they found the same detail.

A Twitter user under the nickname SantiLishi first noticed that the girl’s photos clouds have the same shape. User MattNavarra also studied her Instagram account. In sum, it was found at least six different images, which clouds seemed identical.

Saravia admitted that he used photoshop. According to her, for this you need the app Quickshot. «I always spoke openly to their followers about it,» she added.

Blogger explained that even held the stream, which showed you how to edit your pictures. «I can’t believe how high did you get my cloud» — jokingly said the girl about attention from users of social networks.

In the comments many noted that disappointed that the real world is more and more present in the pictures on the Internet only after a call to photo editors. «I am becoming increasingly cynical against influencers online. I think it’s a bubble that will eventually burst,» wrote Simon_Murdoch.

Previously Instagram bloggers invented a way to improve images without using any image editors. They began to add pictures to image reservoirs, applying to the camera the mirror.


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