Posner described the main source of power of Russia

Vladimir Phosphate: Sergei Pyatakov / RIA Novosti

TV presenter Vladimir Pozner has told, what power of Russia, and opposed the creation of a national ideology for unification of the people. So he answered a question from a fan, a comment published in the blog.

A journalist asked whether the ideology in Russia for the cohesion of its citizens, and what determines the strength of Russia. Posner said that he was against the state ideology.

He also expressed doubt that the ideology would unite the people. Posner noted that if the Soviet ideology has United the whole nation, the USSR would not disappear. «I am a witness to the fact that by the end of Brezhnev’s rule, no one believed in anything anymore,» added the leader.

According to the journalist, the country strong people’s belief in his power, in his system, love. Posner concluded that this is true for any country, including Russia.

Earlier Vladimir Pozner said that the Russians, after moving to the United States, in his opinion, can not become an American. According to him, people in Russia will remain a foreigner, in spite of his success and good knowledge of English.


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