Появились новые подробности убийства Захарченко

Photo: Valeriy Melnikov / RIA Novosti

The murder of the former head of the breakaway Donetsk national Republic (DND) Alexander Zakharchenko was able to take part the employees of his personal guard. This is stated in their own investigation Telegram-channel Baza, published on Thursday, August 29.

According to the information channel, the day of the murder, August 31, 2018, Zakharchenko several times changed his plans, he was driving the car and not informing anyone, including the guard, on the exact route of his movements — he just asked «to go after him.» In the cafe «Separable», where the explosion occurred, it was not until this within two months of his arrival was a «pure accident,» stated in the material. Moreover, a few days before the explosion, the institution was examined for the presence of IEDs in connection with the possible arrival of Joseph Kobzon — inspection was conducted by the same shift, which was with the head of DNR in the blast.

According to the respondents channel of the security forces from the Ministry of state security of the Republic (MGB) and members of the Republican state security service (WGSR), an explosive device laid in the wiring of fixtures cafe, worked on a signal from the button. The killer must have seen Zakharchenko with my own eyes. Sources said that the bomb activated using a phone or through a video camera in those conditions just wouldn’t allow to carry out the bombing with such precision — for example, because of communication failure or the delay of the signal from the cameras.

The authors of the article noted that the organizers had to own scheme cafés, information about the features of his finishes, security system — alarm, exterior cameras and domestic surveillance, security. In addition, to install an explosive device in the ceiling they’d need at least about 40 minutes, and do it in the «unofficial residence of Zakharchenko» so that no one will notice is extremely difficult. «Installation method says about unlimited time and free access, which, in turn, suggests certain ideas,» said the founder of the «Vostok» battalion, ex-Secretary of the security Council DND Alexander Khodakovsky.

The sides of the channel remember that within a month after the murder, the investigation could not obtain one of the servers with the CCTV footage in the café he was at the WGSR. It also became known that after the terrorist attack personal protection Zakharchenko were questioned but not polygraphed during five months (data from February 2019 not).

Finally the reporters found that during the attack was disabled jammer cellular signals, and one of the guards of the head of the Republic behaved strangely: the footage shows how he retrieved something from behind and then squeezes it in her hand.

Telegram-channel Baza

In addition, the record from a different angle can be seen immediately after the explosion, he runs away from the scene, while his colleagues, on the contrary, running inside. For some time he disappears from view, then returned.

According to Khodakovsky, the protection Zakharchenko was not professional: «It was a kind of inner circle of former associates. Thus in their environment, often in disagreement because of the proximity to the «body». (…) So you can expect them qualified action is necessary».

Zakharchenko was killed in August last year as a result of a bomb explosion in the center of Donetsk. Almost immediately after his death the Republic’s authorities announced the arrest of suspects who allegedly confirmed the involvement occurred the Ukrainian side. In DND stated that the murder was organized by the head of the 5th Directorate of intelligence of the security Service of Ukraine Roman Czerwinski, Vice, Maxim Popov, and Alexander Poklad and assistant Sergey Motorin, which has been implicated in the assassination attempt on the battalion commander Arsene Pavlov militia with the Callsign Motorola. In Kiev deny these accusations.


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