Раскрыты планы Порошенко по подготовке переворота

The protesters demanding the resignation of the interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen of Evacuate: RIA Novosti

The party of President Vladimir Zelensky «servant of the people» intends to keep Arsen Avakov on the post of the interior Minister to prevent a coup, which trains ex-President Petro Poroshenko. This became known from the correspondence of the Deputy from «public Servants» Liza Bohutska, which failed to remove the journalists «Strenia».

In the report the Deputy refers to a certain Lena, promising later to write a post about the appointment of Avakov to the post of interior Minister. According to her, she imagines «attack FB (Facebook audience — approx. «Of the tape.ru») for the whole faction «Servants of the people»,» but «no other way».

She noted that the reason for the appointment of Avakov head of the Agency lies in the fact that Poroshenko «very seriously preparing» a coup d’etat. «He expects we’ll send Avakov to resign to,» she writes. According to her, Avakov will retain the post of Minister at least until December, because it’s on this month «Peter is preparing a coup».

Earlier Thursday, Zelensky suggested deputies to be reassigned to the post of Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Avakov, who has held this position since 2014.

After the defeat in the elections Poroshenko repeatedly accuses the team of the head of state in the «Russian revanchism» and regularly calls to stop this.

Avakov has a long-standing conflict with Poroshenko, the Minister himself acknowledged that only in 2019. After winning Zelensky in the election the Minister has made several hints that the former President must answer before the law if it is proven the criminal nature of his acts. «Excuse me — answer, not to blame — everything will be quiet,» he said. In addition, during the presidential election in Belarus was marked by an active struggle against falsification, then Poroshenko said that the police worked against him personally.


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