Российским бизнесменам сдадут в аренду сотни помещений

Photo: Vasily Alexandrov / «Kommersant»

The authorities of Kuzbas will give preferential rent on the business premises of about 600. Local authorities say that the benefit in comparison with renting commercial real estate can reach 80 percent. This is stated in the message published on the website of the portal «the Future of Russia. National projects».

«Until the end of the year 580 of objects of state and municipal property will be transferred to a preferential rent for small businesses in the region», — said the head of the Department of business region Natalia shawl. «Thus we create the most favorable conditions for doing business, preferential rent is another form of state support of business,» she said.

Preferential rent will be granted in the framework of the national project «Small and medium entrepreneurship», which is scheduled for 2024.


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