Russian physician died before the interrogation in the case of the death of the mother

Anesthetist of a hospital in Neftekamsk in Bashkortostan died the day before the interrogation in the case of the death of the mother. This is with reference to the representative of trade Union of workers of health of the Republic Olga Soshnikova the portal Ufa1.ru.

Medic died in July 2019, unable to withstand the pressure from the investigating authorities, says Soshnikova. According to her, the doctor’s heart stopped. The Union noted that the doctors and without pressure investigators strongly enough overloaded physically and emotionally, because, for example, some work 400 hours per month at the rate of 160 hours.

«Last year brought more than 2.2 thousand criminal cases in Russia related to medical errors. The issue is relevant. Every major hospital in the Republic filed at least one criminal case against doctors,» — said the Chairman of the Republican organization of the Union Pavel Zyryanov.

According to sources portal Ufa1.ru, the anesthesiologist had to call in the case of the death of the mother for the first time. Moreover, as stated, heart problems he had previously.

42-year-old pregnant was admitted to the hospital Neftekamsk in June 2019 with complications. Regional physicians decided to send the woman to Ufa, because the fetus had a weak heartbeat. The Ufa doctors diagnosed the death of a child, but felt that surgical intervention would be dangerous, and to carry out a cesarean did not. The new mother has recommended birth itself or return to Neftekamsk, where it is under the responsibility of local doctors will do a cesarean section. Already in the hospital the woman was operated on, but she went into sepsis, and she again wanted to take him to the capital of Bashkiria, but the trip had to be postponed — in the ambulance system was not working ventilator. Some time later, the woman died from a developed inflammatory process.

In Russia it is far not the first case of maternal death due to medical errors. August 23 it became known about the death of 24-year-old girl in the village of Kursavka in Stavropol region. She died on the operating table, having lost about one and a half litres of blood during caesarean section. Relatives of the deceased claim that the death of the guilty doctors, because they escaped from the operating room. Obstetrician-the gynecologist Evgeny Umansky has stated that he left because of problems with pressure, another doctor ESET Buzurtanova — allegedly called the husband and asked him to urgently come home.


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