Russian right-wing radical denied entry to Europe

Denis Nikitinoj: OkolosportNews / YouTube

The head of the Russian extreme right White Rex project Denis Nikitin (Kapustin) banned entry to the EU territory. About this newspaper Süddeutscher Zeitung.

According to the newspaper, the German authorities took Nikitin from registration at the place of residence in Cologne, and also revoked his indefinite leave to remain in the country. Russian allegedly left the country long ago and did not appear in my German apartment, which has lost the status of resident of Germany. About in which country went Nikitin, not reported.

A ban on entering the Schengen zone explained his «desire to break the foundations of a free democratic order.» Such wording is usually used in respect of persons already committed a crime, and only in rare cases — in relation to those who are considered potentially dangerous, said Süddeutscher Zeitung.

Denis Nikitin was born in Moscow in 1985, and later his family moved to Germany. In Europe, the Russians became famous thanks to the fighting tournament for the right-wing extremists. Nikitina called a key figure in right-wing extremist subculture of Europe in recent years.

Project White Rex has positioned itself as a sportswear brand and a venue for tournaments on the mixed single combats in Russia and Europe. The company store project sells clothing with pagan symbols that are popular among right-wing groups. On the official website of White Rex said that the main goal of the brand is «Association of people with similar views and beliefs.»


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