The journal confused two black models and disgraced

Photo: @adutakech

After fashion Week in Melbourne the Australian magazine Who Magazine released an article about South Sudanese-Australian model Adut ACEC and printed on the next page a photo of another girl. It is reported Dazed.

Instead ACEC on the turn there is another black model Lazarus Flavia (Flavia Lazarus), who also participated in the shows.

After the incident, Adut ACEC the expressed Instagram about the disrespect to her and her race. «I not only feel contempt and insult in his address. I feel humiliated for my entire race, complained model. — It showed how people are ignorant and narrow-minded, since they believe that all black girls and Africans in General — one person».

According to ACEC, this would never have happened with a white model.

In March, the stylists refused to do styling black model Olivia Anakwe (Olivia Anakwe) due to the fact that he did not know how to cope with her coarse hair. The incident occurred at fashion Week in Paris. According to Anakwe, one of the hairdressers was unaware that does not know how to cope with her hair. After a failed attempt of one of them, the girl unsuccessfully appealed for help to colleagues, but no one was able to give her the right styling.


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